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I'm Artie. I'm an amateur cartoonist and professional know-it-all. I'm mostly here to post silly art and reblog stuff I like. I also sometimes make gifs, write stories, and put together videos. I also write superlong walls of text overanalyzing my favorite things.

Feel free to message me if you have questions, comments, want to talk theories and headcanons and whatnot, just want to chat, would like something tagged, etc. My inbox is always open and I'm always happy to hear from you guys!

My primary fandom at the moment is Steven Universe. I also like Silent Hill, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead (TV show and Telltale game), Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Face-Off, and many many other things

Pearl is a really animated speaker and gesticulates a lot. Most people talk with their hands to some extent and the other characters make gestures too but Pearl does it the most by far. 

I do this all the time in real life so its something I appreciate seeing in media.

This is more or less a continuation of my Pearl + visual aids screen cap post

March 25, 2014 #steven universe #artie gifs #gif #I've updated the gifs in this in preparation for a sequel post #and because the size limit was raised and I'm better at making gifs now #so enjoy the higher quality gifs

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