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My primary fandom at the moment is Steven Universe. I also like Silent Hill, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead (TV show and Telltale game), Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Face-Off, and many many other things
commissionergorgon asked: I'm guessing at some point we're going to meet a very 'pro-gem' gem (because I see Lapis as more of a panicked civilian), who'll be tasked with extracting Steven/neutralizing the CGs, and maybe have conflicting emotions about the mission. This is awesome because the 'good soldier' trope is seldom applied to female (or in this case female presenting) characters. IDK by making things black and white I feel like fans are robbing themselves of all the nuance the story has to offer just uughhghg.

I could definitely see that, there was definite foreshadowing of something to come from Lapis’ leaving and I don’t really see Lapis wanting to come back to Earth just for revenge or something (she didn’t seem to have any drive other than to go home). But I could see a Gem more loyal to whatever the cause that caused the conflict the show has been hinting at. Not an evil character, of course, but one who strongly believes in their cause (but, of course, starts to question it upon meeting Steven)

I absolutely agree, people trying to make it black and white like that frustrate me not only because it does a disservice to the characters, but also because they’re cheapening the story. They’re depriving themselves of a complex story and interesting, realistic character by thinking of them as just “good” or “bad”. And I guess media, especially a lot of children’s media, has taught people that good and bad are distinctly separated. When a “bad guy” goes something good, well that means they’re really a good guy! When a “good guy” does something morally questionable, they’re actually secretly a mustache-twirling villain. Media rarely gets into the nuances of opinion and circumstances that drive people to do what they do, and that’s a shame because life is complicated like that. We shouldn’t be training people to think that everyone with a different life view than us is bad.

What’s really sad is what little it took for people to start thinking the Crystal Gems must be evil. The barest hint of doing something wrong, with absolutely no information as to what or why, and folks just throw away everything we’ve learned thus far to go with the most simplistic storyline.

mechandra asked: So, I keep thinking about the star shape that closes the end of each episode. (With Indirect Kiss, the ending simply cut to black.) At the end of Mirror Gem, there was no cutesy pop sound, and at the end of Ocean Gem, the shape was a four-pointed star. I'm pretty sure the diamond shape or four-pointed star is significant, since Lapis Lazuli has that shape on her outfit instead of the recurring five-pointed star. I know it's gotta mean something, I just can't figure out what.

Yea, I agree. The five-pointed star motif is definitely a “Crystal Gem” thing, maybe something like a badge or some kind of marker - its likely something meant to identify them as a Crystal Gem to other Gems

And yea, the diamond shape is likely significant, we’d need to see more Gems to know how significant (if all Gems have it similar to how all Crystal Gems use the star, or if it was in Lapis’ design as a symbolic cue for the audience). It may just be meant to demonstrate that Crystal Gems and Gems are considered separate. It may also be significant that the shape is what we call a ‘diamond’, which is also a gem.

For now, all I’m certain of is that the star is a “Crystal Gem” thing, the significance of the diamond beyond being deliberately different from the star symbol is still a bit of a mystery


I’m thinking a lot about this black piece under her purple shirt. Is it a jumpsuit, a bra and pants? I don’t know but I really like this idea here. Actually I just wanted to make a quick sketch but I got carried away and kept doodling for an hour. Back to drawing more now! I feel inspired!

Also: OMG AMETHYST!!! *SQUEALS* SHE’S SO GREAT! AAAH!!! Sorry. Had to get that out. If I wouldn’t contain myself all my posts about SU would look like this, lol. Seriously those characters…. *swoons* I love them.


Sorry I haven’t posted for a while! I loved the new Steven Universe episode ;v;


monster buddy.

Deng, that episode had some Ash-releasing-Butterfree levels of feels.


the hair kinda killed me tbh.



King of the Wind by TaniDaReal


don’t look at me


A little comic I drew based on and translated from an adorable tweet from CNcppbot on twitter

When I read and translated it I knew I had to draw it because the scenario was way too cute.



sass sketch.


Could you imagine Garnet getting her hips wedged into everything and then being embarrassed about it afterwards.


I’m super late to the party but here you go wohoo


By me and Taka


a really sweet episode *u* 

transparent to drag arnd or whatever

The movie “Hocus Pocus” is forever endeared to me because when I was 5 or 6 I split my forehead open jumping on the bed and had to go get stitches. My mom took me and my siblings stayed with my aunt (who lived nearby) and we were gone a few hours so it was way past our usual bed time when I got back and my siblings were watching the movie at my aunts. It was about halfway through when we got there but my mom let us stay up and watch the rest of it.

I always vividly remember this whenever I see/hear about the movie and its a fond memory for me for some reason