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This blog is, like, 90% Steven Universe at the moment.

I like a whole lot of things, including but not limited to: Silent Hill, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead (TV show and Telltale Game),Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, Elementary, etc. So many things.

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"What is your favorite part of [Steven Universe’s] plot and how it speaks to the audience?"

"As much as Amethyst and Pearl kinda butt heads on things, they clearly love each other and care for each other. And that goes for all of the Gems"

Oh cool, now I have an interview to point to whenever people try to assert that Amethyst and Pearl actually hate each other.

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Everyone listen to this clip from Zach Callison’s interview with Deedee Magno and Michaela Dietz.

— Anonymous asked: I can't believe Estelle is really going to be at comic con I'm so jealous I would ask her so many questions I swear I'm going to get enough money one day to go to comic con!

I know, right? I’m superjealous too ‘cause she wasn’t even at the WonderCon panel I went to D:

If the SDCC panel is anything like the one I went to, the VAs don’t do too much talking but they did answer questions during the Q&A section. I wonder if anyone will ask her to sing? OH or someone should ask if Garnet is ever gonna sing in the show (excluding the theme song, if anyone does ask make sure to mention that because they’ll use any excuse to dodge the question ‘cause they’re crafty like that) because I’m sure she will but it would be so cool if we could get confirmation on that, wouldn’t it?

The VAs weren’t at the signing at WonderCon though I think some of them did a signing later in the con on a day I wasn’t there (maybe not, I couldn’t understand the con program schedule at all, especially in regards to signings)

Man, I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Comic-Con but I can never get tickets. I live in LA so I’m actually fairly close to where its being held (like, 2 hours depending on traffic) and I still can’t go and its a personal tragedy, let me tell you

I always think “I should make a list of my favorite SU episodes” but then it just ends up being all of them

Maybe once we get more than 20 episodes I’ll be able to whittle it down a bit


bless you if you can admit your favorite character has flaws.


Join us THIS SATURDAY at San Diego Comic-Con!

Ask us questions! Learn some secret surprises! You won’t want to miss it- we have some fun stuff planned!!


10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Hilton Bayfront – Indigo Ballroom

Believe in Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl… and STEVEN at this star-studded, musically inspired gem of a panel brought to you by Cartoon Network. Sure to delight your eyeballs and earlobes, you won’t want to miss a moment of the magic. Get the inside scoop and exclusive content from the following guardians of the universe: Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey (Supervising Director), Zach Callison (Steven), Estelle(Garnet), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) and Tom Scharpling (Greg).


Steven Universe fans, I declare a moment of silence for all the science nerds/aspiring jewelers who try to search for garnet, amethyst, pearl, rose quartz, opal, and sugilite stones on Tumblr and end up with posts from our fandom.



rebeccasugar So I’ve been working on this forever. I wanted to do something kinda in the style of Alphonse Mucha and I’m satisfied with it for the most part. Steven universe has been one of the most fun shows to watch, and I’m really glad it’s coming back. I may make prints of this if there is any demand for it. 


Something inspired by David O’reilley’s Mountain game


Not the best picture by far but this is the Toothless I drew on the table during craft time at VBS.

One of the kids put dots on him for some reason??? So that’s what those are

pandatege asked: like an extremely fluffy cat



There you go, I hope you like it!!!!

By the way, I’m just doing one more of those, since I opened commissions, you can order one for 10$ :)


gems play games too


the new episode was so adorable