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My primary fandom at the moment is Steven Universe. I also like Silent Hill, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead (TV show and Telltale game), Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Face-Off, and many many other things


ive drawn so many SU arts today



i love them…


bird pearl


A Together Breakfast for the Steve Universe/Adventure Time show at Gallery Nucleus!


Dat schnoz….


Pearl sketch; to be inked and coloured when I have the time. 


Some belated Pearlmethursday sketches




hey i know i have a lot of ASD friends for whom autoplay is a really awful thing so here is a really nice option, stay safe friends

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Daily Piñata Day 70 - Pudgeon

crunchwater replied to your post: crunchwater said:are the crystal …

Thank you for amusing all my questions and silly head cannons! I really appreciate it

hey, no problem! They’re really good questions/headcanons! I love talking about this stuff, too. I could pretty much talk SU stuff all day tbh


crunchwater asked: are the crystal gems the last gems or is that unknown?

Its unknown. Most folks (myself included) just assume that because we’ve yet to see any indication of other Gems being around and all the Gem places look long abandoned and are falling apart, which is suspicious

but we don’t actually know for sure

cobalt-borealis replied to your post: I wonder if its possible for Rose’s ro…

Rose’s room seems to be nothing more than an advanced supercomputer, the likes of which is probably the most powerful in the universe; if that’s the case I imagine it could probably conjure an image of a gem, but probably not multiple (we saw with the city it can be…

yea, that’s how I see it to (like a computer), which is kinda of what makes me think it might not be able to. Computers are designed and programmed by people, so they have limitations based on their programming (either intentional or not). I could see a Gem programming a room like that to not be able to replicate Gems, due to the problems it could cause.

I wonder if its possible for Rose’s room to replicate a Gem (or the image of a Gem). It copies objects and humans, but Gems might be a whole different thing since a Gem isn’t so much the body but the gemstone. It seems like a whole different sort of thing to replicate, especially since the room was created by a Gem, for Gems. I imagine Gems see other Gems as their gem or, like, the idea of them, rather than their physical body (which is “an illusion”). How do you replicate that? And also, I mean, I can imagine if humans had similar devices we may design them to not replicate humans, due to the ethical ramifications.

And there’s no copies of the Gems in the replicated Beach City, even though Steven was clearly expecting them to be there (even sounding a little disappointed that they weren’t). Then when he wanted to be with the room spat him back out into the real world.

I dunno, just a thought. There’s not really evidence in either direction, I was just kinda wondering about it