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Feel free to message me if you have questions, comments, want to talk theories and headcanons and whatnot, just want to chat, would like something tagged, etc. My inbox is always open and I'm always happy to hear from you guys!

My primary fandom at the moment is Steven Universe. I also like Silent Hill, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead (TV show and Telltale game), Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Face-Off, and many many other things

the-andorian-mining-consortium replied to your post: anonymous said:do daddy long legs…

The harvestman on the page you linked doesn’t look like what we call “daddy long legs/harvestman” in the UK… the one on the left is an accurate drawing of one

The one with the wings? We have those here too but we call them “mosquito-eaters” (even though they don’t eat mosquitoes) but I think they’re also called “daddy long legs” in some regions in the US too. I believe they’re technically called crane flies (assuming its the same creature)

voiceactresskurutta replied to your post: anonymous said:do daddy long legs…

Where I live daddy long legs and crane flies are the same thing, and whatever species it really is is neither spider nor fly?

Actually, it appears that crane flies are considered flies from a classification perspective, but not spiders. The only “daddy long legs” that a spider is the cellar spider, since harvestman are arachnids but not spiders

Either way, they’re all scary with their long legs, but I find crane flies to be less off-putting even though their weird floaty flying as they’re rapidly approaching your face is pretty scary.


It was too damn gorgeous.

So I woke up this morning and switched on my PC only for my monitor to make a high-pitched squeak and shut off. Tried to switch it on again and again and nothin’. I looked it up and apparently that noise indicates faulty or blown power capacitors (it’s a pretty old monitor). It’s apparently fixable if you know what you’re doing but I…don’t so I’m probably just going to look into getting a new one next week when I can afford it.

Until then my step-dad is letting me borrow his monitor, which I’m grateful for. It’s a bit smaller than mine so it’ll take some getting used to (particularly using my tablet with it), but still it’s much better than nothing

What a way to start my morning though, ugh


I went on CN Fan Talk for laugh, but I found this gem along the way. How kids see Steven? Do they think he is annoying? Fat?




Strong in the real way






Color palette play I did not too long ago. Was going to do Steven but then SAI and my tablet driver crashed so have the Crystal Gems at least.



I’m starting to think that Hawke might just be a jerk


"Garnet can we talk"


i can show you how to be strong.. in the real way..


Giant Women - Opal & Sugilite

Sketches from last night. Opal’s still my favorite gem fusion.


I wanted to draw one of the gems wearing my outfit today but it doesn’t really suit any of them. my personality has been most like pearl lately so she got stuck with it.